Welcome to Vintage Tyres Ltd!

Incorporated in 1990, Vintage Tyres is also agent for Dunlop Classic Road Tyres, and many other brands of tyres for Vintage & Classic Road cars. Check our product listings here.

We also stock Panasport alloy and Weller Steel racing wheels.

The Dunlop Motorsport factory at Fort Dunlop, Erdington near Birmingham closed on May 31, 2014, after 125 years of tyre manufacturing on site.

Production of Dunlop race tyres is planned at other locations in Germany, France and Portugal.

We regret the interuption in supply, and have been told new stocks will be available by Q1 2015.

We still hold stocks in some sizes - please check with your dealer, or thorugh the contact form on this website.

Racers can also help by letting your authorized Dunlop Race Tire dealer know your needs (size, compound & quantity) for 2015 as soon as possible to help us ensure adequate supplies of your size.

USA West: Roger Kraus Racing
USA East: Sascosports Inc.
Canada: Britain West Motorsports / Vintage Tyres Limited